I have been working out kind of minimal but I can honestly say I have been losing weight. My intentions have been great but my time management ummm not so much. I have finally gotten under the dreaded 200 pounds so at this point I am taking this realitvly slow but slow and steady wins the race right?? I am not so sure if I will be able to be the Dime Piece I was hoping to be molded into by the summer but I have learned to look at the weight loss as a whole and so what if I'm not bikini ready by May. I cant miss what I never had LOL> I have been a Thickums for most of my life but I will not live the next 30 unhappy over the things that I can control.

I worked out very minimum today. I snuck in 25 minutes on the Wii I lost my mojo today but I'll be back at it on Tuesday. 

I barely pushed out the Wii today but I did my 30 minutes doing the balance games and the aerobics. I love the hula hoop it really breaks a sweat. I have been in smoothie heaven all week long. I can go on for hours about the different combinations of fruit I have discovered. Like Japanese pears WOW I hate pears but not in a smoothie.  Anyhoo, let me know  if you have any great combos I can try I'm working towards veggie drinks but I haven't taken the plunge yet I am DO NOT LIKE VEGGIES lol. I am a work in progress for real people.  


I had sooooooo much fun today I whipped out the oldest aerobics TAPE ever lol. How many of you remember MTV's the GRIND? It is an hour long cassette and it takes you  through the dances they were doing on the show when it aired back in the 90's.  I did it with my kids for our recess (Home School).  We were all over the place. My son (KJ age 7) was so into it he wanted to keep rewinding it so he could get the moves.  I loved the fact that the men on the tape were manly men and danced with some soul and not like the ladies.  Thank you MTV lol.  My girls (Camille11 and Sierrah9) were hitting those dances I hope they don't go somewhere and do them like they in style now though lmbo.  Well back my day Peace.


I had so much to do that I only was able to play the Wii fit for my normal 30 minutes.


For anyone who is following my progress LET'S DANCE! I lost 2.5 pounds this week!  I have been pushing thru a cold and other health problems in order to get this weight off and hey 2.5 pounds may not sound like much to you but it's a great start for me!!! I have been walking for the last few days just about 20 minutes which is a mile, and I have fun doing my Wii Fit Plus for 30 minutes as well as my Gilad's Bodies In Motion for 30 minutes.  NOOOOOO Waaayyyyyy am I doing one after the other. I pace myself  I walk in the morning and Do my Wii with the kids after school and homework and I try to do Gilad 3 times a week an hour after I enjoy my Dinner (No Later Than 7).

Okay world. I am finding that I can burn calories even by doing thing's that I normally do.  Have you ever broke a small sweat just by vacuuming the floor. Well I sure did. Actually I broke a big sweat because I deliberately pushed that vacuum harder than usual and I moved extremely fast which helped me burn a few doing my regular household duties :)

Okay I hit my Gilad again this evening.  I am telling you Gilad is that deal.  I record the series so I can pick n choose cause some days he is just too much! Well I guess Imma hit the shower n bed Goodnight and Be Encouraged! Peace.
Ready For action LET'S GET IT!!!!


I took a night off I was really not feeling well.


Yesterday I found myself tip toeing around the wii fit plus.  I think its a great and fun way to catalog your progress.  I try to get on there for 30 minutes a day but I came up short because I am a little under the weather.  I am pushing thru my illness to get 30 minutes in with Gilad (Fit TV) and then another 30 minutes doing some stretching on the wii.  See ya later. P.S. Thanks Nee- Cee for the encouragement. Lets get it!!

Okay now I have completed a 30 minute work with Gilad as well as my 30 minutes on the wii with the exception of the yoga I got on the Wii and did everything but so I still owe myself a good stretching before I go to bed witch I usual skip and kick myself in the butt the next day because I am sooooo sore but Hay one day at a time.  Imma get there soon AS  A MATTER FACT SINCE I'M TALKING ABOUT IT I'M GONNA BE ABOUT IT SO TTYL, IM GONNA STRETCH IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!