First I must say I was taken back when I stepped on the that dreaded scale and it told me....... i was hitting a record high of........  Let Me Just Say I am 2 & a few lol.  No really I am 5'1 and a compact 210.  I have to admit I had so much fun putting on those last 10 pounds, between Thanksgiving and Dirty 30 Breakfast Lunch and Dinner all in the same weekend the pounds were sure to come. I took it easy for Christmas and the Wonderful New Year. I decided in the early part of December that 2011 was my year to make my 30's slimmer fitter and more sexy than my 20's sooooo HERE WE GO!! My ultimate long term goal is to lose 50 pounds this year which will still be considered overweight in the medical field but who cares 160 sound good and healthy to me.