One of my favorite benefits of regular exercise is discovering extra energy. Your body wants to move more. Have you noticed an extra boost? You can use it to play with your kids at the park or go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. It’s funny how exercise can make you want to exercise even more. Enjoy the boost. You’ve earned it.

Your assignment:
Walk for 60 minutes at 4 mph or 135 steps per minute.

Today’s walk is a little bit shorter and slower to give you a bit of a rest. Sometimes your body needs a little recovery walk. So take it slow and enjoy.

Your assignmentWalk for 30 minutes at 4 mph or 135 steps per minute.

Tell us how you're feeling now that you're walking everyday on the message board.

Walk time = 30 minutes

The walking routine that I  listed below is a sure fire way to burn some calories right in the comfort of your own home.  This has been very effective on the days where I can't make it to the gym to hit the tredmil.  Counting the steps from the dome can seem a bit tedious and it is even more annoying on those days where you would rather lay around and do nothing, but getting that cardio going is important so a ten dollar investment on a step counter will prove to be worth the cash in the long run. I haven't been walking everyday like I need to but I am slowly but surely getting there.  For people who can get out to the gym or own a tredmil at home for it. Push for that 20 minutes. Take it slow that mile is effective even if you take a 30 minute walk instead of the 20, of course we don't burn as may calories but walking is mainly for the heart and to get those legs looking trimmed up not the best for burning calories. 


I'm focusing on cardio today and for the next 6 weeks. I have asthma so I take it slow in the beginning but once my body gets use to it I can hang with best. I signed up with a online community challenge and the walking program i picked up goes as follows........

Your assignment:
  • Warm up for your workout with this three-minute walk.
  • Start walking at an easy pace for 5 minutes (about 500 steps). Then, steadily increase your pace for 5 minutes (700 steps). This should still be easy to do but more brisk than a warm-up.
  • Start your intervals: Walk very fast for 30 seconds (100 steps).  Then walk slowly for 3 minutes (300 steps). Do one more set of fast walking (30 seconds), followed by recovery walking (3 minutes). Cool down with 3 minutes of slow walking (300 steps). Don't forget to pump your arms the whole time.

    Walk time = 20 minutes